What to Bring on the Fishing Charter Trip St Thomas


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The vacation is already set, the dates are fixed and you now want to be ready for the fishing charter trip. You have chosen the best of the fishing charter, very equipped and your goal is to catch the fish. Remember a fishing trip is not just an ordinary day on the water, nope; it’s an excursion, an adventure into the world of impossibilities. Therefore, you have to prepare in advance, get everything ready so that you have no regrets on the material day.

Following are some of the things you must pay attention to as you go for

A lightweight shirt will protect you from sunburn and linen is the perfect fabric that will keep the heat off your skin. For the shoes, avoid flip-flops and go for sneakers; these will keep you comfortable and light.

Protection from weather

Are you planning to go out on a fishing trip in the tropics?  Then you have to consider sun-block. If you don’t have protection, you’ll suffer from the ocean’s reflective glare and the scorching sunlight. Get sunscreen that would protect you from UVB and UVA rays. To protect your lips from being chapped out on the water, you will need some lip balm. A good hat is also good in providing shade. Polarized sunglasses will give you a better view of the target fish by cutting through the glare of the water.

If you get seasickness, It’s best to get ready with seasickness counter remedies before you leave home; these should be taken the day before to get into your system and a few hours before you go out into the sea.  If you want to enjoy your day on the water, you need a reliable fishing charter company that will provide you with all equipment, guides and help you adequately prepare for your trip. A good charter company will help you enjoy your excursion at an affordable fee.

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