It’s Blue Marlin Season Virgin Islands

It’s Blue Marlin Season. That means it’s Tournament time. Such a fun and exciting time of year. Getting to go out and look for that one fish. The one that could go down in records. The rush is incredible. What is that fish going to do when it hooks up ? What kind of show is it going to put on? These are just a few of the thousands of things racing through your head while the fight is on.

This year unfortunately there will be no Blue Marlin tournaments held in the United States Virgin Islands. This is very heartbreaking for our fishing industry and Our Game Fishing Club. Hopefully this is not going to continue through the next years. In September we go over to the Queens land. The British Virgin Islands where Scrub Island holds the Blue Marlin Invitational Tournament created by Captain Skip Smith. The dates of the tournament are based off the day of the full moon. The Marlin really peak at the few days leading up to the full moon and few days after. This year it’s September 10th-14th. Scrub Island is a private island luxury Resort. It’s a great spot for this tournament due to the closeness to the North Drop. We’re really looking forward to fishing out there with the Big rigs that come from all over the world to fish this tournament.

Jennifer Tyler