Blue Marlin Fishing Charters St. John

Just Fish St. John loves when its the season for Blue Marlin. It’s such a incredible fish to catch. Being able to take guest out to try for a Blue Marlin is one thing Captain Josh is ready for. When it comes to Blue Marlin Fishing, the July through September Full Moons is considered prime time for fishing for the big blues. Season is said to be May trough October. The North Drop is the spot. It’s a 10-mile stretch where the Puerto Rico Trench takes a 90- degree turn to the North. This is why the top anglers around the world like to come fish this area. Marlin fishing dates back to the 1930’s as written by Earnest Hemingway. The old man and the sea is one of his famous books inspired by his love for Marlin fishing. In the early 50’s Johnny Harms was credited for pioneering blue Marlin sport fishing thanks to the help of Laurence Rockefeller, who brought Harms down to run his boat out of Cannel Bay St. John. In 1977 in St. Thomas Larry Martin really got St. Thomas recognized in the sport fishing industry when he set a world record of 1282 pound Blue Marlin. There is currently a replica of this fish in the St. Thomas airport. Since then the blue Marlin fishing has exploded and changed the way people fish for blue Marlin. 

Fast forward 30 years and now we have teams traveling here from around the world to fish these legendary fishing grounds. Tournament season gets kicked off by the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Clubs July Open. Tournaments continue each full moon through September.

Interesting facts about Blue Marlin can eat up to 20% of there own body weight in one bite. The Females can be 3 to 4 times bigger then the males. They can get up to 14 feet in length and weigh as much as 2000 pounds. Females can spawn 4 times a year. The can live 27 years in the wild while Males don’t live as long. They usually live around 18 years of age. Blue Marlins mating season is late in the summer or early autumn. Blue Marlin move around to escape colder water. They like life in the warm waters. The largest blue Marlin ever caught weighed 1805 pounds. Caught in 1970 out of Oahu, Hawaii. This record still stands to being the largest marlin caught on a rod and reel.

Come join Just Fish St. John and Book your Marlin trip. Captain Josh will make sure you have a wonderful experience. If your interested in tournament fishing please contact us direct.