The Mahi-mahi are showing up in the Virgin Islands

It’s that time of year here in the Virgin Islands, the Mahi-mahi are starting to show up. That makes Just Fish St. John a very happy Boat. This is such a exciting fish to get hooked up on. Mahi-mahi are very beautiful in color. They light the beautiful Caribbean blue water up when reeling them to the boat. Once they are caught and brought aboard they go into camouflage mode and darken up.


The male Mahi fish is called the bull it has a flat faced shaped head. The female has a rounded shaped head. They only live about 7 years. In that time they can reach weights over 80 pounds. The average size mahi-mahi can range from 5 pounds up to 20 that’s not to say that a 50 pounder won’t come tearing through your spread and send a rod screaming as he rips line off the reel. Something that really makes this a fun fish to catch is they like to run in schools. When that happens here comes the action. It’s best to keep one on the line in the water hooked up to keep the school around the boat. Then you grab the spinning rods and bait them up with a live sprat and throw it in. As you let the line out “bam” hooked up. Now you get to bring it in on a lighter tackle spinning rod which lets the fish put up a good fight. The Blood is slinging around the boat as fish are coming in hot. It’s truly a experience of a lifetime.

This fish not only is a lot of fun to catch but it very delicious to eat. Fishing in the Virgin Islands aboard Just Fish is something everyone should experience. The knowledge the Captain and crew has is incredible and the thrill of catching fish is truly a magical feeling. There’s nothing like feeling that fish fight!!! 

Jennifer Tyler