The rush of catching a Blue Marlin St John Charters.

What a awesome experience. There’s nothing like the rush of catching a Blue Marlin. Once you see that fish come in the spread you start teasing it up and then boom all you hear is the line peeling off the reel.


The line is screaming and off I run to grab the rod and get in that chair to get ready for the fight and feeling of a lifetime. It’s just something about it. It’s such a wild adrenaline rush. The fish starts to put on a show jumping around and all I can think is here we go. The captain starts to backdown and I start to crank. I gained most of my line back I was getting closer then off he goes pulling all the line back. The fight was on. Now it time to get this fish. I fought him for a good 25 minutes with a nice catch and release. I’m ready to go get another one.

Blue Marlin St John

Blue Marlin St John

Jennifer Tyler